Friday, April 3, 2020


With apologies to Arnold K and Skerples; I have done a very ill-advised and possibly unholy thing.

I have grafted bits of D&D 3.5 AKA the d20 system (because that's what I grew up on and still informs a lot of my tastes) to the GLOG.

It's called the Goblin Ruins Of Gaming, or the GROG, and you can get it right here.

And shit, I guess you need a Character Sheet. Here's that.

Notable features AKA "what makes this different from every other GLOGhack or indeed OSR-adjacent ruleset"
  • Four base stats! 5d3 stat generation!
  • Stat modifiers! They apply to a whole pile of stuff!
  • Roll-High-Under system! But also crits on 20s and fumbles on 1s!
  • Inflated AC! Weapons that ignore AC!
  • Overcomplicated weapon types!
  • Too many combat rules! Grappling rules!
  • Brain-eating wizards!
  • A pretty good layout, I think!
  • The header font is called Goblin One!
There's no content in here, but I was writing a whole game and setting as a d20hack and I think I'll shift it over to this because I like it better so expect bits of that soon.

EDIT: Ironically, about seven minutes after I published this, Arnold posted that he was abandoning roll-under for the GLOG in favor of only having modifiers. The d20hack I am abandoning only had modifiers (although it was a much more standard-for-d20 roll-to-beat-arbitrary-DC system). All things are thus in balance.

I've updated the ruleset as of 2020-05-21, after running some playtesting.

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  1. The true GLOG is to abandon the GLOG and build your own GLOG. Well cone.

    Also 5d3 is batshit and you have hastened the apocalypse by weeks.